Our Why

To inspire and excite people to create a beautiful home. Everyone deserves to have a home that they proud of , a sanctuary they feel safe in and more than anything, a place to share with loved ones .

Our How

Over the past 15 years we have been travelling the globe with an insatiable appetite to find and create amazing new furniture and home wear pieces. We travel further and deeper into more remote destinations to make this happen. This excites us and drives us forward to bring our customers what they want.

Our What

We are a unique, innovative sourcing company that has an incredible ability to find and develop almost any product in any price range for our customers. Our main focus has always been to procure excellent quality products at affordable prices. There is nothing we cant find!

Our Passion

To find hidden and unique treasures for our customers homes. During our explorations in the East we have found incredible and interesting pieces. We have branched out from the commercial mass market retailers, who have traditionally been our core business, to supply the smaller family owned retailers with fewer stores. Our mission is to bring these treasures to the world.

Our Future

We now supply a multitude of clients big and small on four continents and in fifteen countries. Our goal is to be on every continent and in over 100 countries within the next 10 years, building long lasting trustworthy relationships with each and every client we supply Every one of our clients is important to us!

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Our Partnerships

We have partnerships with our four main factories in India, Indonesia, Vietnam and China We are building meaningful relationships with our distributors around the world and continue to grow with these key, locally focussed teams. This brings incredible value to our clients.

Global Presence